When children must be separated from their families due to the tragedy of child abuse, neglect, or parental incapacity, the larger community must provide for their protection, nurture, well-being. Equally important is the responsibility to ensure children are connected to family relationships intended to last a lifetime, with birth families if possible or with kinship, adoptive, or foster families if necessary.

Guiding National Blueprint Principle-Families, individuals, communities, organizations, and systems protect children from abuse and neglect, and provide an array of supports and services that help children, youth, and their families to accomplish developmental tasks, develop protective factors, and strengthen coping strategies.

Guiding National Blueprint Principle-Supports and services are designed and implemented based on evidence and knowledge; data collection is focused on measuring outcomes and achieving success; continuous quality improvement is emphasized and supported; and innovative practices and programs are encouraged.

The principles cited above provide the fundamental approach to meeting the needs of children and families for placement and permanence. However, the complexity of this area requires that all principles included in the National Blueprint be operationalized to achieve the desired goals for children and families.