CWLA is an international non-profit organization that provides essential support for its over 400 public and private nonprofit member agencies and individuals. Your donation is the lifeblood of our organization. When you give, you are helping us to improve the lives of children, youth and their families across the nation. For every dollar you donate, 93 cents directly supports our work of making children a national priority.

Today’s economic crisis has made it difficult for each of us to plan for the future. Money is getting tighter, and we have to think longer and harder about when and where each dollar is spent. At CWLA, we have weathered all kinds of economic storms since 1920. Today, CWLA is a powerful coalition of hundreds of private and public agencies using our expertise, leadership and innovation to help improve the lives of millions of children. Unfortunately, when money gets tight, vulnerable children and families suffer the most.

Your donation will improve the lives of children and families.



Your donation to CWLA will help:

  • a foster child enrolled in college secure housing during the holidays,
  • an agency find a forever family for a sibling group of four–together,
  • a community give aid to families and rebuild after a natural disaster,
  • a child who has been severely abused find safety while her parents get the treatment they need.

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