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CHIP Reauthorization

The House attached an earlier CHIP reauthorization on their latest CR—a CR that is likely to fall flat.  The House bill is similar to a CHIP reauthorization that passed earlier this fall by a largely

DACA Fate Tied with Year End Deals

Democratic leaders sent mixed messages all last week on the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and whether or not it would be a line in the sand for their votes in

ACA Open Enrollment Ends for National Exchange, Tax Bill’s Repeal of Mandate, Collin’s Final Deal

Although some states, running their own health care purchasing exchanges, have kept their open enrollment going, HHS shut down open enrollment on Friday, December 15 converting what had been a 12 week enrollment period down

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Even If Speaker Leaves Entitlement Cuts/ Welfare Reform Still Next

The publication, Politico made news this week with a profile piece that reported that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WS) will retire after this Congress.  There have been some denials although the profile painted a portrait of


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