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Improving Practice with LGBT Youth and Families

Published in Children's Voice, Volume 24, Number 1 by Colette Tobias Increasingly, child welfare professionals are paying attention to the unique needs and challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth. Numerous [...]

Fostering Sibling Connections: The Sibling Bill of Rights and Grassroots Advocacy

Published in Children's Voice, Volume 22, Number 1 by Nicole Thieman Lynn Price knows firsthand the importance of maintaining sibling relationships for children in foster care. Price was separated from her sister until the age [...]

Transforming Responsible Fatherhood Practice and Policy

Featured Article: Transforming Responsible Fatherhood Practice and Policy: Bringing Scalability, Sustainability, and Measurability to Father Involvement and Family Strengthening Published in Children's Voice, Volume 23, Number 1, by Kirk E. Harris and David Metler In [...]

Raising Better Parents: Advice from a 16-Year-Old

Featured Article: This article is the first in a series by writer Michael Wriston. Published in Volume 22, Number 2 by Michael Wriston Several years ago, when my oldest son (who is now a medical doctor) had [...]

Mott Haven Academy Charter

Featured Article: Growing a Culture within the Foster Care System Published in Volume 21, Number 1 by Laural Hobbes Studies indicate that on average, a child in the foster care system will trail behind his or her [...]

A Decade to Decriminalize Status Offenses in the Commonwealth

Featured Article: Massachusetts works toward CHINS reform Published in Volume 21, Number 2 by Erin G. Bradley In 1974, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts laid out plans to decriminalize four categories of juvenile offenses--failure to obey the commands [...]

Reading, Writing, and Arugula

Featured Article: The expanding role of schools in child nutrition Published iPublished in January/February, 2011 by Amber Healy When President Barack Obama signed the $4.5 billion Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act into law on December 13, he may [...]

Universities as Community Partners in Child Welfare

Featured Article: How child welfare can benefit from school partnerships Published in March/April, 2011 by Dana Burdnell Wilson and Belinda Smith As the child welfare community establishes and maintains partnerships with universities in service to vulnerable children [...]

The Charter Approach

Featured Article: Philadelphia's educational experiment Published in May/June, 2011 by Laural Hobbes Arise Academy students James Mills, Shaliyah Robinson-Battle, Shaleekqua Williams, and Martin Hicks. This June, the 17 students of Arise Academy’s graduating class will [...]

Happily Ever After

Featured Article: Evidence for and models of postadoption services to help families succeed Published in January/February, 2010 by Meghan Williams The Colorado Post-Adoption Resources Center, a public-private partnership, includes a day for adoptive families to get a [...]

Keeping the Faith

Featured Article: Collaborations between faith-based organizations and child welfare help kids in need Published in Fall/Winter, 2011 by Jennifer Michael When youth from the foster care system visit the recreation center at Mariners Church for the first time, [...]

What Early Education Can Teach Child Welfare

Featured Article: Lessons about starting services early, parenting with parents, finding skilled workers, and measuring outcomes Published in January/February, 2010 by Meghan Williams The early education and child welfare systems have much in common: an ongoing challenge of [...]

Reducing Restraint and Seclusion

Featured Article: How to implement organizational change Published in March/April, 2010 by Beth Caldwell and Janice LeBel Solomon, a sensitive 16-year-old, nervously held the microphone and began to offer his advice in a low voice and [...]

Q&A with Jimmy Wayne

Featured Article:Foster child turned country music star walks across America to raise awareness for Homeless Youth Published in May/June, 2010 by Emily Shenk Jimmy Wayne, a 37-year-old rising country music star, didn't always have a spotlight shining over [...]

Babies Behind Bars

Featured Article: Nurseries for incarcerated mothers and their children he Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia, has been glamorized by the famous: Tokyo Rose, Billie Holiday, Squeaky Fromme, and recently, Martha Stewart. But to [...]

Empowering Older Youth

Featured Article: Advocacy groups help youth turn their experiences into expertise Published in September/October, 2010 by Erin Borg he facts are these: more than 25,000 children age out of the foster care system each year. Of these, 25% [...]

Social Workers Who Adopt

Featured Article: How can adoption fit into a social worker's personal life without overlapping with his or her professional career? By Jennifer Michael and Madeleine Goldstein Last fall, Tara Moser bumped into another social worker [...]

A Rural Miracle of Adoption

Featured Article: How one small community found families for 82 Texas foster children By Kathleen Belanger Diann Sparks was the first parent from the Bennett Chapel community to adopt from the foster care system. Her [...]

Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress

Featured Article: Emerging approaches in child welfare By Julie Collins I thought I was doing well as a child welfare supervisor of one of the highest-risk areas in Ottawa, Canada. But that changed when I [...]

The Girl in the Window

Featured Article: By Lane DeGregory In this issue and the next, Children's Voice is reprinting this article by St. Petersburg Times writer Lane DeGregory, winner of CWLA's 2009 Anna Quindlen Award for Excellence in [...]

Homeless in America

Featured Article: As the number of homeless families increases nationally, a mother struggles to find help among overburdened services By Emily Shenk Melissa Majors had been crying. A few quiet tears rolled down her [...]

‘No One Makes It on Their Own’

Featured Article: Programs provide extra support for former foster youth in college By Simone Pringle For most people, the holidays are all about family. Going to Grandma's house, baking cookies with cousins and aunts, watching [...]

What Makes a Family? A Closer Look at Gay Adoption

On October 14, the United States Supreme Court declined to review a challenge by the Liberty Counsel about the Florida Bar's amicus brief in support of Martin Gill, a gay man who sought to [...]

Reviving the White House Conference on Children

CWLA calls for a White House Conference in 2010 to focus on child welfare, following a tradition that began 100 years ago and improved the lives of millions of children. By Jennifer Michael and [...]

Making the Case for Infant Mental Health

By Jennifer Michael Amy Swanson is used to talking to legislators. One of her primary tasks as Executive Director of Voices for Ohio's Children is to lobby local and state legislators to advance her [...]