Last week, the National Association for the Counsel for Children (NACC) published recommendations on how to approach legal protections and representation for children involved in the child protective services system.  The Recommendation for Legal Representation of Children and Youth in Neglect and Abuse Proceedings.  The new recommendations were designed with NACC’s National Advisory Council on Children’s Legal Representation and include ten key or primary duties of attorneys representing children during child abuse and neglect proceeding.  These are revised standards from 2001.

Chapters include Establish an Attorney-Client Relationship; Support the Attorney-Client Relationship; Offer Legal Counsel and Advice; Ensure Opportunity for Full Participation; Provide Competent Legal Representation; Provide Loyal and Independent Legal Representation; Maintain Confidentiality; Advance Equity in Legal Representation; Provide “360°” Advocacy; and Preserve Continuity of Legal Representation.