DeLauro: Immigration Policy is Child Abuse

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) denounced the Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy in immigration enforcement as child abuse. DeLauro stood alongside nearly a dozen members of Congress on the front lawn of the Capitol for a press conference. The zero tolerance policy is an interpretation of an existing court agreement and settlement from 1997 (Flores

DACA Rebels Skip Discharge Petition, Agree to Two Bill Votes This Week

Republican members of the House of Representatives agreed to drop their drive for a discharge petition to force a vote on four separate immigration bills and instead agreed to a vote on two bills. The moderate Republican members needed just two more votes to reach the 218 signatures. All Democrats had signed onto the petition

Senate and House Move More Opioids Bills

While the House of Representatives spent time on more than two dozen opioids-related measures this week, the Senate Finance Committee approved their bills that will eventually be combined with other Senate bills that in turn will be a response to a House package. The Senate Finance bill, the Helping to End Addiction and Lessen (HEAL)

Administration Revives Assault on ACA While States Seek Medicaid Expansion

  The Administration has revived its assault on the ACA when, on Thursday, June 7, the Justice Department said it would not defend the Act against a lawsuit by some conservative states that are once again seeking to have the law declared unconstitutional. This comes against a backdrop of some other states, or at least

Addressing Early Childhood Poverty

Shaquita Ogletree The U.S. Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), a partnership of national, child-focused organizations—including the Child Welfare League of America—dedicated to cutting child poverty in half within a decade held their first webinar. The presentation was based on a compendium of cross-sector solutions to significantly reduce child poverty in the U.S. CPAG presenters included

Next DACA Date: Tuesday

Republican members of the House of Representatives had their high noon meeting to discuss immigration and DACA last Thursday, June 7 but the meeting ended without resolution. Officially there are 215 votes on a discharge petition that would force a vote on four immigration bills. Leaders of the effort say they have the 3 additional

CDC: Half the States Experience 30 Percent Increase in Suicides Since 1999

On Thursday, June 7, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report that indicated that 45,000 people committed suicide in 2016. The report indicated that more than half the victims did not have a known mental health condition. There were a variety of contributing factors both for those with a known

Senate Finance Committee Consider Child Welfare-Opioids Bills This Week

The Senate Finance Committee will consider a package of opioids legislation this Tuesday, June 12. Before the Memorial Day break, Senate Finance members announced a package of 22 bills. The bill mainly addresses the Committee’s jurisdiction over the Medicare and Medicaid programs but the three bills that deal with child welfare address funding under the

Forced DACA Vote May Happen in June

When members of Congress departed for the Memorial Day break, a small group of pro-immigration Republican members felt confident they could get the necessary 218 votes on a discharge petition that would force a vote on a DACA bill. At last count, if all Democrats sign-on, the count stood at 215 just before the break.

Administration Continues To Take Heat on Splitting Families

Last year the Child Welfare League of America participated in a Capitol Hill press conference with congressional members, including Congressperson Karen Bass (D-CA) denouncing the Administration’s consideration of a policy that would split up immigrant families as an anti-immigration enforcement tool. A report by the Washington Post last month indicates that the Administration is preparing

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