Press Release and Resources on DACA Amicus Brief

On Monday, October 7, 2019, the groups that headed up the Supreme Court amicus brief in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), released a press statement describing both the reasons for the action and resources that advocates can use. CWLA was one of more than thirty groups signing on in support of

CAPTA Days of Action

Tuesday, October 15 from 2pm to 3pm is the final #CAPTA Day of Action – take 5 minutes to show your support on social media and encourage others to take action for CAPTA and CAPTA reauthorization. In addition to raising awareness throughout your network, Twitter is a great way to contact your elected officials. Be

Administration Seeks Comments on How to Improve Child Care

On October 2, 2019, the Administration posted in the federal register a solicitation for comments on the current childcare system. The comments which are due December 2, classify comments by Improving Access to Affordable High Quality Care and Transforming Financing of Child Care and Early Education Programs. The solicitation asks for targeted comments regarding supply,

War on Working Families, Another Rule Change to SNAP

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, for the third time this year, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announces another change to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that would cut food benefits from households by a total of $4.5 billion over five years. According to the USDA, the proposed rule, SNAP Standardization of Sate

Administration Attempt to Establish Another Hurdle for Documented Aliens

The President issued an executive order last week Saturday, October 5, 2019 that would create an additional hurdle for immigrants with visa's seeking to enter the U.S. The applicant must show that within 30 days of the alien's entry into the United States they have health care or, unless the alien possesses the financial resources

Who Cares: A National Count of Foster Homes and Families

On October 10, 2019, The Chronicle of Social Change, released its third annual analysis of the nation’s foster care housing crisis. Through the collection and analysis of state data and federal reporting, this year’s findings aim to address two critical questions: 1. How many children and youth are in foster care today? 2. Where and

Courts Use of the Valid Court Order

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) is the only federal law that protects children and youth in the justice system and address prevention services for at-risk youth. JJDPA was passed in 1974 and most recently reauthorized in 2018. In 1980, Congress added the valid court order (VCO) exception to the Deinstitutionalization of Status

Call Congress TODAY to Retain the House Funding for CAPTA in Labor-H Bill

Click here to Call/Email Your Members of Congress House and Senate Appropriators are working now to finalize funding levels for FY2020. During these negotiations, it is critical that we let them know the importance of funding for the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). Hearing from constituents can make a difference but we need

Child Sexual Abuse is More Accessible Today Because of the Internet

Child sexual abuse is preventable, yet the last decade the number of children exploited over the internet has grown substantially, and the federal government, technology companies, law enforcement, and the community-at-large are not doing enough to prevent, stop, or reduce the problem. The New York Times article, “The Internet Is Overrun with Images of Child

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