Administration Must Still Reunify, DACA Maybe Back On & Immigration

According to numbers released last Thursday evening, of the approximate 2551 children and youth eligible for reunification, HHS had identified 386 children with parents who have been removed and in another country. HHS indicated that through the Office of Refugee Resettlement parents of 299 children had been contacted by that point. The Administration informed Judge

Hearing Collects Questions and Some Answers on FFA

On Tuesday, July 24, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources held an oversight hearing on the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFA). Based on the testimony and answers by Associate Commissioner Jerry Milner, Children’s Bureau-HHS, and the comments of Subcommittee members there are a lot of questions on the

Wyden Letter Opposing House Aderholt Amendment Enough Names to Block

On Thursday, July 25, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) released a Senate “Dear Colleague” letter opposing the House Appropriations Aderholt Amendment. The letter was signed by 40 senators. There are some members who did not sign the letter due to their leadership roles on the Appropriations Committee and in the Senate, who are all but certain

Housing Voucher for Youth Aging Out Passes Committee

On Tuesday July 24, the House Committee on Financial Services passed H.R. 2069 the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act of 2017 by a vote of 34-23. The legislation has been involved in some controversy over the past several months as it has been targeted as part of a larger agenda by House Republicans to increase

Administration Reunifies 1800 Families 700 Children Remain

According to numbers released last Friday, of the 2551 children and youth ages five through 17 originally counted as eligible for reunification, 1442 children have been reunified with parents while 378 were placed with guardians or sponsors. But that leaves an additional 700 children still in government shelters. The 700 children remaining in government shelters

ACA Update

The Administration last week indicated that they are continuing to consider new work requirement waivers for Medicaid. This comes despite a recent court ruling that struck down a waiver for Kentucky for their work requirements. Secretary Alex Azar indicated they are still considering similar state waiver requests. At the same time the Administration is continuing

CWLA Submits Comments on Family First Services

CWLA submitted its recommendations and comments in response to the HHS request for comments on how to approach the issue of defining and listing services and programs that will qualify under the Family First Prevention Services Act. There was a very quick turn-around time with comments due by July 22. CWLA emphasized the need to

CWLA Opposes Aderholt Amendment, Read How You Can Act:

Groups were coming together last week to oppose the Aderholt Amendment. The amendment was offered by Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-AL) as part of the House Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill when it was debated in House Appropriations Committee. It is similar to language and legislation sponsored by Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA). The

Administration Struggles Toward Family Reunification with 2500 More

According to numbers released last Friday, of the 2551 children and youth ages five through 17 originally counted as eligible for reunification, 450 have been reunited. Another 954 had been interviewed and are ready for reunification. According to the same information provided by HHS to Judge Dana Sabraw, 136 parents have waived their right to

Administration Struggles Toward Family Reunification with 2500 More

As of this past weekend, it was unclear how many of the approximate 100 children under the age of five that had been reunited with parents. By last Tuesday’s deadline HHS was saying they had reunified over 50 of the approximate 100 children. Some of the reasons for failure to reunite children included parental failure

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