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Recognizing the Dedicated Essential Workers in Child Welfare

New York City foster care worker Guy Bryant has changed hundreds of lives in the course of his career. But his commitment doesn't stop at the office. In the last 15 years, he's welcomed 60 foster kids into his own family.  Watch how Guy and all these essential people are making a difference in the

Senate COVID-19 Bill Leaves Majority Party Struggling

On Monday, July 27, 2020, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) released his party’s counter to the House of Representatives HEROES Act. The rest of last week left the impression that Senate Republicans are not sure about the next steps. The HEALS Act, as it has been labeled, is actually eight different bills from different members

Capitol Region Discusses Pandemic Impact on Foster Care

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, child welfare leaders from Washington D.C. and Virginia discussed how the region’s foster care and child welfare services are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic during the nationally syndicated public radio Kojo Nnamdi Show. The guests included Brenda Donald, District of Columbia, Director, DC Child, and Family Services Agency, Sharra

Child Welfare Workers Video Diary Special

CWLA is pleased to share with you a video diary special in collaboration with CBS News on COVID-19's impact to the child welfare and human services field. The video diary highlighted the significant role that child welfare workers play. Please take the time to view this nine-minute video diary of some of the dedicated child

The CDC Guidance On Reopening

According to an Associated Press (AP) report, the CDC guidance that had a scheduled release on Friday, May 1, 2020, has been blocked by the Administration. According to a Thursday AP report: “The Trump administration shelved a document created by the nation’s top disease investigators with step-by-step advice to local authorities on how and when

COVID-19 Immediate Needs for Child Welfare in Fourth Package

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to move across this country, the evidence of its impacts on the child welfare system are increasingly becoming visible: Child welfare offices and agencies have been forced to shut their doors in order to prevent staff members from becoming ill or because staff have tested positive for

Talk of Raising Small Business/Charitable Loans

On Tuesday, April 7, the Administration requested another $250 billion for the Small Business Loans that just opened a little more than a week ago. The forgiveness loans are open to small businesses of less than 500 employees. SBA loans are available to nonprofit organizations. There has been significant confusion and even frustration as loan

“Heroes Fund” Would Increase Pay to Essential Workers

Senate Democrats unveiled a "Heroes Fund" on Tuesday, April 7. The legislation, announced by Minority Leader Schumer, would create a federally funded program that would allow a $25,000 premium pay increase for essential workers. It would also pay for a $15,000 worker recruitment incentive grant to workers. According to information provided by bill sponsors, employers

CWLA and Others Express Concerns on COVID-19 and Child Welfare

With the unveiling of the Republican coronavirus # 3, CWLA submitted a letter to Congress outlining some key child welfare concerns. It is challenging to make such recommendations because it isn’t clear how current practice and needs will change, and it isn’t clear how much Congress will spend in this third round of emergency funding.

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