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Could the Families First Act Passage Protect Title IV-E from Block Grant?

Would enactment of the Families First Act commit key Republicans leaders to protecting Title IV-E funding from being converted into a block grant?  That is a question to consider in the waning days of the

ACA: Repeal and Delay—Through Reconciliation

Incoming Republicans are speaking of using the reconciliation process twice next year with the first one used to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Some speculate that could take place as early as late January.  The

Voice For Adoption Portrait Project Highlights Adoption Month for Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, November 16, Voice for Adoption (VFA) sponsored their annual Adoption Portrait Project in honor of November as National Adoption Month. The annual event features families who have adopted children from the foster care

This Week Should Provide More Clarity To Trump Presidency

Since much of the President-elect Trump's agenda was wrapped less around specific domestic issues and more around the larger issues such as immigration and trade, it is not clear what the domestic policy agenda will


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