National Day of Action: Monday, February 22—Urge Congress to Pass the #AmericanRescuePlan

CWLA will be joining FRAC, the Coalition on Human Needs, MomsRising, NETWORK Lobby, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, First Focus, many other leading anti-poverty organizations, and advocates across the country on Monday, February 22 for a Digital/Call-in Day of Action urging Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan.   Follow CWLA’s Action Center

House Assembles Reconciliation, Many Priority Areas Funded

Last week, nine House Committees acted on their parts of a reconciliation bill that will make up President Biden’s COVID-19 relief measure. Within the package are key CWLA priorities, including more than $39 billion in child care funding, year one of a Children’s Allowance, $350 billion in state and local government relief, $350 million more in

Congress Begins Work on Reconciliation

This past week the Senate and House began to lay the groundwork for a budget reconciliation that could lead to the enactment of a Biden-COVID-19 relief package. The House began the process when it passed a budget resolution that provides the legislative authority to use reconciliation on Wednesday, and the Senate took up that resolution

USDA Announces Updates to Pandemic EBT

On January 22, 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that it was increasing the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) by roughly 15 percent in support of President Biden’s call to action on hunger. This increase will provide more money to low-income families and millions of children due to child care and school closures.

#WhyWeCantWait: A New Deal for Youth

On February 4, 2021, CLASP launched #WhyWeCantWait: A New Deal for Youth (ND4Y) calling leaders in the public and private sectors to support youth-led policy solutions that address the glaring economic and social injustices facing young people today. A New Deal for Youth will propose policy recommendations and community solutions developed by and centering the

New FAFSA Policies for Homeless and Foster Youth

On Thursday, February 4, SchoolHouse Connection, Juvenile Law Center, and John Burton Advocates for Youth hosted a webinar centered around new FAFSA policies that affect youth in the foster care system.   Why does FAFSA matter for homeless and foster youth? We know that FAFSA matters because some form of postsecondary education is necessary for

Decision Time Coming on COVID-19 Response Plan

As early as this week, congressional leaders may decide whether they can move President Biden’s COVID-19 relief package through a bipartisan process or whether they go the way of reconciliation. A budget reconciliation would mean no Senate filibuster. The House Budget Committee is likely to move on a resolution this week as part of a

Decisions to Be Made on Biden COVID-19 Relief Legislation

One of the first critical decisions that will have to be worked out over the next several days is how President Biden will get his COVID-19 proposal through Congress. As a veteran senator who was also key to many of the Obama Administration’s congressional negotiations, he has raised hopes for bipartisan action, but that would

The 2021 CWLA Transition Proposal

CWLA has published its transition paper for the new Administration and new Congress. The report has been circulated with key staff over the past several weeks. It reflects a look forward to improving child welfare services and more broadly strengthening families across the country. This A Stronger Foundation for America’s Families reflects the collective wisdom, insights, and concerns

The Last COVID Bill and the Next

At the end of last month, President Donald J Trump signed into law a $908 billion relief package in the larger omnibus budget legislation. Still, the President-elect has indicated they would be seeking additional help for a country devastated by a pandemic that is trending toward more than 400,000 to over a half million fatalities

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