No matter what time of year it is, you probably have a few gift lists in mind–one to guide your own shopping, and perhaps another to share with friends and family so they know what you’d like. You can help CWLA by shopping–or by window shopping, and then hint-dropping. Several online malls donate part of their profits to charity.

At Shop for Charity Day and Buy for Charity, you will find everything from gifts and flowers to computers and electronics, camping and hiking equipment, books, clothes, hardware, and home and garden tools. Just visit the site, select CWLA, and get shopping. A percentage of every purchase will support CWLA and the work of its member organizations. 

Or you can go to Just Give. As the name implies, this site is primarily about giving without the merchandise, but it does have a wedding registry.

In addition, the I Do Foundation is dedicated to making a special wedding donation to charity.

All of these sites offer plenty of ways to make sure your dollars go a little farther at holiday time and year round.

Remember, though, when you give directly to CWLA, we receive 100% of your gift, and 94% goes right to work helping kids. If you give to celebrate a special occasion or to honor a loved one, the person you designate will receive a beautiful, hand-written card acknowledging your generosity.