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tonyTony Potter entered foster care at the age of 3. Although his parents were unable to care for him and his four siblings, they refused to agree to their adoption. Tony was separated from his brothers and sisters and moved through more than 10 different foster homes before he was 11.

Because a few people gave him support and encouragement, Tony grew up to be a loving husband and father and an outstanding citizen who was determined to do everything he could to build better lives for children. As a police officer, he went out of his way to make every child he encountered feel cared for and important.

When Tony passed away at age 40 of a sudden illness, his family requested that those who wished to honor him make memorial donations to CWLA.

When you make a memorial gift–by phone or fax, e-mail, mail, or online–we will send a card to the family of the person whose life you wish to commemorate, informing them that you have made a gift to CWLA. We will also acknowledge the gift in writing for your tax records.

You can make your gift to CWLA online or by mailing a check. All gifts to CWLA are fully tax deductible and are acknowledged promptly in writing.