Congress is expected to extend the FY 2020 funding until December 20, 2019. The current continuing resolution (CR) expires at the end of the day on November 21. The House is expected to act on the extension this week with the Senate likely to follow before the November cut-off. It is hoped that the added time will allow Congress and the President to come together on a final deal. One of the critical hanging points is the President’s insistence on $5 billion more for the Mexico-U.S. border wall.

There have been suggestions that Congress may extend funding through a CR for all of FY 2020. Operating against this possibility is the push back from the Defense Department arguing they cannot operate at CR levels or the uncertainty that may come with it. The elephant in the room includes the roll and timing of potential impeachment votes and the results. It could complicate timeframes, negotiations, and the mood of the President.