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Rachel Adams is the managing editor of CWLA's Child Welfare journal and the editor for Children's Voice magazine, CWLA textbooks, children's books, and curricula. She updates the Children's Voice page.

Spotlight On: Innovating to Build a KinFirst Ohio

by Shannon Deinhart, Stephanie Beleal, and Cass Freeland Published in Children’s Voice, Volume 33, Number 1   All children have family, and we can find them if we try. All kin have value, regardless of their ability to serve as the primary caregiver of the child. All children deserve to remain connected to their culture, community,

Supervision: A Mission-driven, Culturally and Trauma-Informed Model of Practice at Children & Families First

Published in Children’s Voice, Volume 32, Number 1 by Julius Mullen, Kiera McGillivray, and Mike McHugh Supervisors are an essential link between direct service and administration and governance, responsible for helping ensure that agencies and organizations fulfill their missions. This link is strongest when supervision reflects a mission-driven model of practice that is culturally and trauma-informed. This

Valuing and Retaining Staff

Valuing and Retaining Staff: Being Trauma-Informed and Responsive Can Benefit Both Organizations and their Workforce Published in Children’s Voice, Volume 32, Number 1 By Kathleen McGowan, Alix Rivière, Audrey Smolkin, and Melissa Threadgill   The Massachusetts Center on Child Wellbeing & Trauma’s (CCWT) mission is to support organizations in becoming more responsive to trauma and in reducing

What are Special Education Surrogate Parents and Why are They Important?

Published in Children’s Voice, Volume 32, Number 1 by Elaine Arsenault Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs) are volunteers designated to make special education decisions for students in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) or students whose parents are unknown or unable to participate in the special education decision-making process according to state

Celebrating Families!: Embracing, Empowering, and Guiding Families

Celebrating Families!: Embracing, Empowering, and Guiding Families by Rosemary Tisch When dealing with substance use disorders, traditionally, the focus is on the adult who is using and possibly on their partner. But what services are offered to their children? Children living with an adult dealing with addiction often experience chronic trauma, now recognized as an

Parents as Teachers’ Black Doulas Group Lends Support to Moms’ Birthing Process

Published in Children’s Voice, Volume 31, Number 1 Parents as Teachers’ Black Doulas Group Lends Support to Moms’ Birthing Process by Eric L. Clark What is a doula? A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to an expectant mother during pregnancy, labor, and in the weeks following birth. As

Keeping SCHORE

Keeping SCHORE: UPD Consulting Helps Connect Baltimore Students to Affordable Housing Published in Children’s Voice Volume 30, Number 1 by Ann Willemssen At the end of most school days, Joe Manko, the principal of Liberty Elementary School in West Baltimore, would place students into taxis waiting to drive them to their temporary resting spots across the city.

Future Focus

Future Focus: Supporting Education & Career Development in the Era of COVID-19 Published in Children's Voice Volume 30, Number 1 by Lan To It’s currently the fall of 2021 and young people and families are facing so many questions about the future—for which answers are few and ever-changing. A season often full of excitement and

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