Here at CWLA, we have been in constant communication with our colleagues in Texas and Louisiana as they face the extraordinary challenges brought by Hurricane Harvey.

Before implementing any special efforts, we want to find out what, specifically, these colleagues require from us. We will be meeting via conference call with CWLA members in Texas and Louisiana next week so that we can uniquely address their needs. We do not want to duplicate efforts. We are also assembling data from our members in areas previously impacted by Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina and will distribute this information as soon as we can.

We know that, based on prior experiences, staff shortages are often an issue in the wake of natural disasters, and we will explore this problem with our colleagues to see if this is something that CWLA members can help address. We will focus, for instance, on tasks that can be done remotely, thus allowing our colleagues in Texas and Louisiana to more efficiently work with children and families on the ground. Until we have the call with those in the impacted areas, we encourage CWLA members and friends to give to their favorite charity that is serving the affected areas.

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday weekend, I am sure that you will keep our friends and colleagues in Texas and Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers.