This week CWLA reached out to the more than 100 new members of the 116th Congress with a child welfare background package of information including Investing in All of Child Welfare. This piece argues for investing in ALL of child welfare services:

Child welfare’s continuum of care includes prevention of child abuse before it happens and intervention services that can prevent the separation of children from their families. It includes limited but quality foster care placements that can support children that will be reunified with their families and foster parent readiness to succeed in parenting the most vulnerable of children. It includes permanency for children and stronger families for children who are reunited, adopted or supported by relatives. For youth who we have failed to help find a permanent family, child welfare should provide a range of services and resources that guarantee successful transition into adulthood with permanent connections.

In addition, members of Congress received the CWLA history of child welfare legislation, federal funding of child welfare and a 101-briefing document. All of this work is not just part of CWLA’s Washington work but a lead up to the CWLA 2019 National Conference.

The Conference runs from April 9 through April 13. On Thursday April 11, in the afternoon, CWLA members and friends are encouraged to go to Capitol Hill to meet with your new members of Congress as well as you veteran members of Congress. Register to go to the CONFERENCE, make your appointment with your two SENATORS and your REPRESENATATIVE. CWLA staff are ready to help you help educate your Member of Congress on Investing in All of Child Welfare.