Kinship Care


Adoption Incentive Funding Growing Shortfall

Last October, when HHS awarded the annual adoption incentives, now renamed the Adoption and Legal Guardianship Incentive Payments Program, the awards were much less than the fifty states had earned. The awards now based on adoptions and kinship placement increases that took place in federal fiscal year 2014 (FY ’14) were funded from FY 2015.  Total FY 15 funding available [...]

2016 Congressional Session Short and Uncertain

When Congress returns this week it will mark the beginning of a very short congressional calendar.  The President is scheduled to deliver his last State of the Union address on January12 which will unofficially begin the new budget debate for FY 2017.  The official budget will come a little more than four weeks later in early February.  Beyond that little [...]

New Adoption-Kinship Incentives Show 25 State Winners

More complete data released by HHS in the awarding of the adoption and kinship incentives for the Adoption and Legal Guardianship Incentive Payments Program shows that the new structure and new rate formula benefited at least 25 of the states. The awards discussed here last week are based on a phased-in formula that awarded states 50% based on the old [...]

CWLA Re-States Support For TFC Bill

Last week CWLA sent a letter to members of the Senate Finance Committee reminding Senate Finance Committee members to include The Family-Based Foster Care Services Act: HR.835/S.429 in future child welfare reform legislation. The leadership of the Finance Committee is attempting to present legislation for debate in Committee at some point in the next two months. Discussions are ongoing between [...]

Wyden-Hatch Resolution Recognizes September as Kinship Care Month:

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) have introduced a Senate Resolution recognizing September as National Kinship Care Month. The resolution builds on the effort by several states to also set-aside the month in recognition of families that provide vital kinship care services some within child welfare but many outside of the system. The resolution highlights September 2015 [...]

Wyden Bill: S 1964 As Good For Child Welfare As It Was For Civil Rights?

On Wednesday, August 5, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee introduced the Family Stability and Kinship Care Act, S 1964 with 7 additional cosponsors for the Senate Finance Committee. The legislation had been circulated as a draft in the late spring and Wyden received feedback from more than 60 organizations. At introduction the bill [...]

Wyden To Introduce Child Welfare Bill, Finance Holds Tuesday Hearing

The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) is expected to introduce his child welfare reform proposal later this week. The legislation, sponsored by Senator Wyden, Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, the Family Stability and Kinship Care Act, is the result of an earlier draft bill the Senator had released in [...]

Wyden Bill Would Provide New Funding To Child Welfare

On Monday, May 5, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee released a “discussion draft” of legislation that would invest new money into child welfare services through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. The discussion draft would build on the Administration’s FY 2016 budget request that seeks to expand the use of the foster [...]

Why SSBG Elimination Is Not Best Option To Expand Child Welfare Funding

Some in Washington are advocating the elimination of SSBG as a way to fund child welfare services.  The theory is that eliminating the $1.7 billion in SSBG dollars might free up some funds for child welfare and perhaps also cut federal spending at the same time.  Such calculations however ignore the fact that SSBG funds a range of vital human [...]

Bills to Strengthen Use of Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) Introduced

On Tuesday Capitol Hill was also the setting for a briefing on the reintroduction of the Family-based Foster Care Services Act of 2015. The legislation, S 429 and HR 835, would clarify in Medicaid policy the definition of therapeutic foster care that is consistent and could be applied through all the states. TFC is an evidence-based clinical intervention delivered through [...]