Generations United and the RRF Foundation for Aging released a new report and held a webinar to examine how younger and older people can connect with each other through their program initiative, “Strengthening Cultural Responsiveness in Intergenerational Programs.” They conducted a national survey to highlight the ways organizations combat systemic racism and prioritize the voices and lived experiences of staff and participants in their practices. The report provided five recommendations after examining the status of cultural responsiveness in intergenerational programming, these were:

  • Embracing cultural inclusivity is a journey.
  • Be intentional, specific, and targeted about uplifting diversity.
  • Be proactive in seeking out allies and collaborators who bring a fresh and diverse perspective to your program and can serve as program ambassadors.
  • Equip participants in diverse intergenerational programs with the tools to enact change in their communities.
  • Diversify your DEI approach.

By Harper Dilley, Policy Intern