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HHS Report Examines Shelter Housing Impact on Family Structure

HHS through the Office of Planning Research and Evaluation (OPRE) has released a report that takes a closer look at Child and Family Transitions among Families Experiencing Homelessness. It’s the fourth in a series of studies that uses HUD-funded Family Options Study data to look at families’ experiences in the 20 months following a shelter

Childhood Trauma: Implications for Child Welfare

On Wednesday, July 26, Congressman Danny Davis (D-IL) sponsored a briefing on trauma and its impact on children.  The briefing was supported by Building Community Resilience, Redstone Center at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, and the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice. The session included remarks by briefing sponsor Congressman

House Budget, It Would Be The News

If not for the continuing controversy of the health care debate, the issue of a House budget resolution would probably have been the headlines coming from Washington this past week. The Republican leadership introduced their resolution early in the week and it aligns with many of the rumors that have been leaked over the past

House Appropriations: More Cuts for HHS

On Thursday, July 13, the House Subcommittee on Labor-Health and Human Services-Education approved an appropriations bill that would cut FY 2017 funding by an additional $5 billion.  While it provides an increase of $1.1 billion for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), rejecting the President’s request of severe cuts, it does little else for human

Forum Discusses Opioids

On Thursday, July 13, Roll Call publications sponsored a forum on Fighting the Opioid Crisis. The forum included introductory remarks by David Hawkings, Senior Congressional Editor of Roll Call, David Cordani, President and CEO, Cigna, sponsor of the event, a discussion with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA), a discussion on current

House Budget Continues To Stall Over Demand for More Entitlement Cuts

House Budget Committee Chair Congresswoman Dianne Black (R-TN) continued to struggle with the most conservative members of her House Caucus over the level of mandatory and entitlement cuts. There seems to be agreement over discretionary (annually appropriated) spending.  Nondefense programs would be cut to $511 billion. (Under the existing Budget Control Act—BCA, the spending level

When CBO Becomes the Gospel on Spending and When It Doesn’t

The debate over health care has once again raised the specter of the role of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) with Members of Congress and the President assaulting the office because they don't like their non-partisan projections that are not favorable to their bill. It's an old Washington parlor game but if you looked closely,

House Budget Resolution Unlikely This Week

This Wednesday is the target date for the House Budget Committee to move a budget resolution for FY 2018. At least that is the goal but it is still an open question as to whether or not they will meet that goal this week.  Since House leadership would like to pass the resolution in one

House Republicans Introduce Home Visiting Bill

Before leaving for the weekend, House Republicans introduced a reauthorization of the MIECHV (Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting), or home visiting program. The bill, the Increasing Opportunity through Evidence-Based Home Visiting Act (HR 2824), would extend the program for five years—as CWLA and other advocates have pursued—but provides level funding of $400 million a

ACA: Senate Attempting Quick Action

Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is bound and determined to have a vote on the Senate ACA repeal bill by the end of this month. The logic is that the Senate needs to move the issue one way or another so that the rest of the legislative year and priorities such as a tax