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Administration Budget Heavy On Cuts And Criticism

The President’s proposed budget for discretionary spending for 2018 landed with a crash as it includes dramatic cuts across agencies and departments as a way to pay for increases to the Pentagon. The proposal was released on Thursday, March16 and applies to the discretionary portion of federal spending with the rest to be published with

CWLA Sends Letter Opposing Health Care Proposal

On Tuesday, March 14, CWLA sent a letter to Capitol Hill opposing the American Health Care Act. Citing the new Congressional Budget Office analysis, in the letter, CWLA President and CEO Chris James-Brown points out the importance of expanded mental health and substance abuse services saying, “The availability of health care coverage through the Affordable

CBO Tells Congress 52 Million Uninsured by 2026 and Much More

Late Monday, March 13, The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its required analysis of the American Health Care Act concluding that it would both reduce the number of people with health insurance while cutting health care costs to the federal government. The analysis determined that 14 million people would become uninsured next year (2018), 21

House Health Bills Move From Committees

The House Ways and Means Committee followed by the House Commerce and Energy Committee moved their parts of Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WS) health plan on Thursday, March 9.  The Ways and Means Committee gave final approval to their part of the bill on Thursday morning around 2:00 AM.  Later that early afternoon the Energy and

Ending Medicaid As We Know It

The House health care plan confronts what are two overarching Medicaid issues but the second one may be the most significant.  The first issue is how to deal with the Medicaid expansion enacted under the ACA.  Thirty-one states have expanded their Medicaid programs to all adults up to 138 percent of poverty. The second issue

Maybe No Big News on Budget This Week

The Trump Administration will release its “skinny budget” this week on either March 15 or March 16.  It is referred to as a skinny budget because it will include only “top-line” figures meaning possibly only larger agency and department budgets will be listed without the program specifics.  This approach is somewhat traditional for other first

Health Care, Foster Care: Its About the Treatment

Last fall when HHS released the new ACFARS Report Number 23, they pointed out that nearly three quarters of states reported an increase in the numbers of children entering foster care from 2014 to 2015. They went on to highlight that the five states with the largest increases were Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Arizona, and Minnesota;

Groups From All 50 States Support SSBG

A coalition group including CWLA has sent Capitol Hill an updated letter of support of SSBG on Thursday.  The letter includes more than 75 national organizations and organizations and agencies from all fifty states. CWLA has created a new resource on the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG). The new resource are state-by-state fact sheets found

Defense Increase of 10 Percent Could Devastate

The President’s desire to provide a ten percent increase in the Defense Department budget could devastate a number of human services and domestic programs. Unless Congress agrees to fund the increase through deficits, the $54 billion will create enormous pressure on the annual appropriations (discretionary spending) which totals only $1.1 trillion out of a federal

SSBG Factsheets Now Available

CWLA has created a new resource on the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG). The new resource are state-by-state fact sheets found on the advocacy site as a separate tab.  Each state    there is a sheet that provides a simple description of how much a state receives in SSBG-human services funding and gives a broad view