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CBO: Cut-Off of Subsidies Reduces Coverage, Increases Costs to Government

For now, the President will permit the latest installment of insurance cost-sharing subsidies through the Affordable Care Act.  That is important for now, because the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has determined there would be significant problems in insurance coverage and significant costs to the federal government if the President pursues his threat to cut off

Long List For Fall as Congress Leaves

The Senate cut short their extended work schedule on Thursday when they finished work on several nominations including some from HHS.  They will be out until after Labor Day.  When Congress returns in September they will have a long list of items many that must be addressed by the end of the month or at

Budget Battles Front and Center In September

Before the House of Representative left for the summer break on Friday, members approved a partial FY 17 appropriations bill, left a budget resolution for an uncertain future and waited on the Senate for signals on both issues. On Thursday, the House gave final approval to a package of five “security” bills on a partisan

Home Visiting Groups Continue Looking for Support

Last week Congressman Danny Davis (D-IL) announced the introduction of a second House bill to reauthorize the home visiting program.  The HomeVisiting Works Act of  2017 would extend the program for an additional five years and, similar to the goals of the Home Visiting Coalition, it would gradually increase funding to $800 million in year

Briefing Highlights Adoption Funding

On Tuesday, July 25, Voice for Adoption sponsored a briefing on Capitol Hill to raise the importance of adding in resources and funding for the Adoption Opportunities program and the Adoption and Kinship Incentive fund. During the hour, long session participants heard from the two congressional cosponsors of the event, Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI) and

Next Steps on Health Care Uncertain

The last week of head-spinning on health care was best represented by the various positions of the President throughout the week. By week’s end the path forward is still uncertain with the Senate parliamentarian delivering the biggest blow Friday night but Senator McConnell (R-KY) determined to vote on Tuesday. The effort to move forward on

House Budget, It Would Be The News

If not for the continuing controversy of the health care debate, the issue of a House budget resolution would probably have been the headlines coming from Washington this past week. The Republican leadership introduced their resolution early in the week and it aligns with many of the rumors that have been leaked over the past

House Appropriations Moves A Labor-HHS-Education Bill

The House Appropriations Committee acted on a Labor Department-Health and Human Services-Education Department bill last Wednesday. For the most part, the smaller child welfare programs that are dependent on the annual appropriations were flat funded. CAPTA state grants, CAPTA discretionary grants, Child Welfare Services, Promoting Safe and Stable Families (PSSF), we're all funded at last

The Adoption Funding Shortfall

The House Appropriations Committee Funds Adoption Opportunities at $39 million which is a rejection of the Administration’s proposed cut of $9 million. Adoption/Kinship Incentives is funded at $37.9 million, the same as last year. The lack of increase for Adoption/Kinship Incentives fund continues to build on a recent and growing problem of underfunding. Since its

House Appropriations: More Cuts for HHS

On Thursday, July 13, the House Subcommittee on Labor-Health and Human Services-Education approved an appropriations bill that would cut FY 2017 funding by an additional $5 billion.  While it provides an increase of $1.1 billion for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), rejecting the President’s request of severe cuts, it does little else for human