ZERO TO THREE, in collaboration with Morning Consult, released a new poll showing strong support for reinstating the Expanded Child Tax Credit among parents of infants and toddlers. The poll results show:

  • More than four in five (85%) parents say it is important for Congress to reinstate Child Tax Credit reforms, with bipartisan agreement on the issue. 94% of parents who voted for a Democrat in 2022 and 77% of parents who voted for a Republican in 2022 listed this priority as being important.
  • A look at responses by race/ethnicity showed strong support for action to reinstate the expanded Child Tax Credit among white, Black and Latine parents:
    • 85% of white respondents, with 52% rating it “very important”
    • 86% of Black respondents, with 57% rating it “very important”
    • 91% of Latine respondents, with 67% rating it “very important”
  • Nearly three-fourths of all respondents say that Congress should not pass any more tax breaks for wealthy corporations until it acts to reinstate the expanded, refundable Child Tax Credit. This finding was similarly bipartisan, with 85% of parents who voted for a Democrat in 2022 and 67% of parents who voted for a Republican in 2022 agreeing with the statement.
  • 64% of parents oppose denying the expanded Child Tax Credit to families without a working parent or who are in a lower tax bracket.
  • Overall, parents want federal policymakers to take action to address their challenges, with two in three (64%) saying that Congress needs to do more to address challenges they experience raising their infant or toddler.

These results are significant, as they show that voters from both parties believe that the expansion of the Child Tax Credit was helpful and should be continued. Congressional leaders and advocates continue to push for this important policy to be included in any tax reform that happens this year.