Has the Child Tax Credit impacted your personal life or the life of a loved one? Personal stories about the direct impact of policies can be an effective strategy in advocating for change with lawmakers, because they cut to the heart of the issue in a way that data often can’t, at least not on its own. Stories help to humanize the numbers and statistics found in research, and taken together, paint a vivid picture of the outcomes.

To amplify these personal stories, the Income Movement has launched a map that displays the stories they have collected about the impact of the CTC checks for families around the nation. Additionally, they work to connect the storytellers with local media or elected officials to make sure that their stories are heard by people with the power to help. Taken all together, these stories help to make the case that the CTC is a vital support to children and families and must be continued in 2022.

Visit the Income Movement’s Map to view stories in your area or add your own to the collection.