The biggest event last week was not the drama around a final FY 2018 budget bill but came on Saturday when several hundred thousand came to Washington to listen to a series of young people-children speak of the horrors of gun violence in the United States. Except for some limited celebrity entertainment in support of the young people, the crowd saw a recounting of children and young people tell about their experiences with gun violence. From Los Angles, Edna Chavez (“I learned to duck before I learned to read.”) to Zion Kelly 16 year old twin brother to gun victim Zaire Kelly from Washington DC to Marjorey Stoneman Douglas High School students from Florida, this was a chance to make America face up to the trauma and loss that so many of the nation’s children have had to face weekly. CWLA participated in the event and a CWLA statement on the Florida shoots was released last month. For more information go to the March for Our Lives website and the organization’s Facebook page.