The Supreme Court has once again delayed oral arguments this time for April. The announcement came on Friday, April 3, 2020. The arguments which form the basis for Supreme Court rulings take up a two-week period in April and are usually the last of the Court’s term before they wrap up work with a flourish of decisions in late May and early June. The Court had already delayed arguments last month and has not rescheduled those cases. According to officials at the Court, they would consider what options they have if they cannot reschedule the legal arguments in person. The Court is issuing decisions on earlier arguments. A few days before the announcement of the delay, the Court ruled on an age discrimination case and ruled against delaying the Wisconsin primary election last Tuesday, although that decision was an emergency response. The decision to postpone hearings due to a health crisis makes this delay due to COVID-19 the first time presentations have been canceled for health reasons since the 1918 Spanish flu.