An Evidence-informed, Skill-based Model of Practice for Supervisors and Middle Managers

Supervision to Advance Success and Excellence is an evidence-informed, skill-building curriculum that focuses on the essential practice elements of the functions of supervision. It is designed to enable new and experienced supervisors, and middle managers to learn and enhance their competencies implementing evidence-based skills to provide guidance appropriate for individual staff; promote engagement and commonality of approaches between levels of management to achieve organizational goals; enhance supervisor and middle manager skill in leading for development of collaborative partnerships in supervision; and create opportunities for supervisor-supervisee relationships that support coordinated and effective team functioning.

These supervisory functions – Leading, Planning, Organizing, Teaching, Supporting, and Evaluating – are explored in detail through discussion of literature, self-assessment tools, informative handouts, group exercises, and role play based on case and situational examples. Practice elements critical to supporting professional engagement, partnership, and team building in supervision are highlighted to align with research and best practices that show the quality of supervision impacts every aspect of an organization’s ability to achieve desired outcomes for children and families, and that supervisors influence the retention and support of staff to maximize their performance and professional development potential.

CWLA offers two training and consultation options for Supervision to Advance Success and Excellence:

(1) CWLA staff come to your agency and work onsite with your supervisors and middle managers.

(2) CWLA staff provide open enrollment training workshops around the country where supervisors and middle managers come to learn Supervision to Advance Success and Excellence.

Both “agency-based training and consultation” and “open enrollment training” are provided by CWLA’s senior staff and consultants/trainers who have expertise in the Supervision to Advance Success and Excellence curriculum.

For information about Supervision consultation and training please contact: Marcus Stallworth, LMSW, Director, Training and Implementation or Gaelle Augustin, Training and Administration Associate.