Sign your state and national organization onto a letter in support of preserving the Social Services Block Grant by February 17th!  The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) which provides critical protection and supports to children, youth, older adults, and people with disabilities, is expected to be a prime target for elimination in the 2017 Congress. Unlike other programs targeted for elimination, SSBG is funded with mandatory dollars which would exact immediate savings making it an attractive target in budget discussions.  SSBG Coalition members must be prepared to demonstrate broad support for protecting those served by SSBG.  We urge national and local organizations to share and sign onto this letter. The deadline for signatures has been extended to February 17th, 2017.

SSBG is flexible funding that allows state and local governments to determine how best to use the funds to meet local needs. Among other critical services, without SSBG many states would lose support to protect abused and neglected children, to protect older adults and people with disabilities from physical and financial abuse and neglect, and to provide support and safety to women and children experiencing domestic violence. Learn about how your state uses SSBG funds.