Two groups have released a new report evaluating the impact of the work of the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF). The report by Within Our Reach and the Children’s Advocacy Institute and funded by Casey Family Programs found dozens of changes in policy and law directly reflecting the recommendations included in the final Commission report issued in March 2016.

“The progress tracked in Steps Forward represents an encouraging initial phase of work,” said Teri Covington, a former Commissioner and Director of the Within Our Reach office. “Our hope is that this first progress report will serve to recognize and demonstrate the extent of meaningful action that has taken place since the release of Within Our Reach and provide momentum for further action.”

The report, Steps Forward and detailed descriptions of activities occurring at the national, state and local level are available at The Commission’s 2016 final report, Within Our Reach, resulted in 114 recommendations and two dissenting reports.