Our Children at Risk

Never before in the Child Welfare League of America’s (CWLA) 100-year history has there been a higher level of anxiety and uncertainty about the fate and well-being of our children.

The plans and policies of the new leadership in Washington, DC, will do egregious damage to social supports for our nation’s children, youth, and families, and unless our federal budget policy is reformed and prioritized, the amount of federal funds spent on children will continue to drop.

The new administration has proposed:

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act, which could cut more than $5 billion in drug treatment and mental health services.
  • Cutting more than a billion and half dollars in human services funding that supports child protection, domestic violence, and senior services.
  • Imposing harsh immigration tactics that will split families apart and increase the pressure on child-serving agencies.

The Child Welfare League of America advocates for programs, services, and supports for all of our nation’s children and families, especially those who are most vulnerable. We have a long-standing history of developing and supporting national programs that protect children and families, and are committed to maintaining a strong safety net and continuum of care for all.

We oppose efforts to dismantle child welfare programs, especially any proposals to weaken child protection services, child abuse and neglect prevention services, and permanency services. Our nation has created a system to provide protection and support for children and families that must not be weakened or eliminated!

What We Can Do Together

The most important thing that CWLA can do is expand its advocacy for children. To do this, we need your help. We need to track every proposed change in policy to understand its impact on children and families and ensure that this impact is known. We need to be the ones watching out for the safety of our children in these changing times. And with increased financial resources, we can do more and our voice will be louder and stronger.

We encourage you to donate to CWLA; become a member; attend our conferences, including our upcoming National Conference, Advancing Excellence in Practice and Policy: Highlighting Successful Strategies to Address the Needs of Children, Youth, and Families; subscribe to publications like our peer-reviewed journal Child Welfare, our member magazine Children’s Voice, and our online policy publication The Children’s Monitor; access our website; become better informed; and learn how to get directly involved in making a real difference.

The challenges we face are grave. But together, we can communicate to the current administration that their plans are unacceptable and that our nation’s children, youth, and families deserve far better. Join us today!

For more on CWLA’s platform, see our Statement of Principles.