The poverty rate in 2014 changed little from the previous Census data according to the annual release by the Census Bureau.  The income report was released on Wednesday, September 16 and it showed that In 2014, the official poverty rate was 14.8 percent with 46.7 million people in poverty.

The poverty rate for children under age 18 was 21.1 percent also the same compared to the previous year. The poverty rate for people aged 18 to 64 was 13.5 percent, while the rate for people aged 65 and older was 10.0 percent. None of the rates were statistically different from the 2013 estimates.   Also of note, for the fourth consecutive year, the number of people in poverty at the national level was not statistically different from the previous year’s estimates while the median household income in 2014 was not statistically different from the 2013 median.

Median household income was $53,657 in 2014, in 2013 median of $54,462. This is the third consecutive year that the annual change was not statistically significant, following two consecutive years of annual declines in median household income. Real median household income increased for households maintained by a foreign-born householder; income declined for non-Hispanic white households, households maintained by a native-born householder, households in the West and those inside principal cities of metropolitan statistical areas.

The 2014 poverty rate increased for two groups: people aged 25 and older with at least a bachelor’s degree and married-couple families.