The Center on American Progress has released a new website, that includes a number of tools that can provide an in-depth analysis and educational resource about poverty in America.  The site is actually a redesign of the website but it includes new interactive features mapping poverty data at the state and congressional district levels. The new features allow users to view various poverty indicators—including income inequality, unemployment, hunger and food insecurity, and affordable housing, among others—within states. The newly designed site also enables users to search by ZIP code in order to view congressional district-level poverty data.

The site includes a comprehensive list of the 15 poverty indicators including annual State of the States Report,” and  fact sheets that rank the best and worst indicators for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The website is also home to the weekly podcast TalkPoverty Radio. Launched in January 2015, TalkPoverty Radio is dedicated to elevating the conversation around poverty in America, dispelling stereotypes and myths, and educating listeners through authentic stories and diverse perspectives.