On July 18, 2023, Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI) and Congresswoman Hillary Scholten (D-MI) held a press conference to introduce the launch of an initiative called the Child Labor Prevention Task Force. The primary focus of this task force is to address the alarming rise in illegal child labor across the nation.

During opening remarks, Congressman Dan Kildee emphasized the importance of taking significant steps to combat child labor and expressed his pride in launching the Child Labor Prevention Task Force in collaboration with Congresswoman Scholten. He also expressed his eagerness to work alongside both Republican and Democratic colleagues to effectively tackle this pressing issue.

The main objectives of the Child Labor Prevention Task Force include advancing legislation to strengthen measures against child labor, meeting with congressional leaders, conducting thorough oversight of federal agencies, and organizing informative events. Through these initiatives, the task force aims to enforce penalties for child labor violations effectively, hold the federal government accountable for enforcing these measures, and educate all members of Congress about the complexities of illegal child labor. This comprehensive approach is set to be the first of its kind and hopes to make significant strides towards curbing illegal child labor practices nationwide.

By Miyah Jones, Policy Intern