There were a host of cuts in the President’s budget that come from cuts and the elimination of mandatory and entitlement spending. These would likely take a new reconciliation bill created out of a 2018 budget resolution.  As noted both SSBG and TANF are targeted as major revenue raisers through the elimination of SSBG and a cut of $1.7 billion to TANF. Other key budget cutting targets are converting Medicaid to a block grant, cuts in the SNAP program, changes to the Pell grants and Supplemental Security Income SSI program.

The protection of SSBG continues to be a top priority for CWLA and a host of state and local groups. An updated letter in support of SSBG now includes more than 80 national organizations and state and local groups from each of the 50 states.  That letter is open for more sign-ons in support right here.