Help us spread the word about the largest child tax credit ever and learn more at

The Child Tax Credit, part of the American Rescue Plan, is here to help families raising children make ends meet. Experts estimate the new Child Tax Credit has the potential to cut child poverty in half. We need your help to spread the word and raise awareness of this major tax relief for working families.


For the next several months, there are two goals: first, we need to spread the word about the Child Tax Credit and how important it is for families in order to build public support for CTC and its extension and ensure everyone knows about it. Second, we need to help reach and enroll non-filer families so that all children can benefit from the CTC.


  • gov is live! This is a one-stop-shop for information on the new CTC. In addition the page links to the non-filer portal with a friendly landing page and Q&As that make clear things like people won’t lose other government benefits by getting the CTC.
  • The IRS has launched their simplified tool for non-filers à
    • The IRS portal allows people who are not automatically enrolled in the CTC to sign up for the CTC and any economic impact payments they may have missed – even if they are not applying for the CTC.
    • Also, someone not filing for CTC can still file just for the economic impact payments through the non-filer sign-up tool.