The next several months promise to be challenging for CWLA and other organizations fighting to maximize our country’s support for children and families. Fifteen million children in the United States currently are living in poverty, with 23 percent of children under age 5 living below the poverty line more per capita than in any other industrialized nation. If proposed budget cuts are achieved, we will see thousands more children pushed into poverty or deeper into poverty.

In recognition of this unprecedented time in our country’s history and its potential negative impact on children, we are asking individuals, organizations, and agencies that work with or care about children to join our cause by becoming a member of CWLA. There is an affordable membership category for everyone, and for the next six weeks (ending on July 30), we are offering organizations and agencies seeking new membership the opportunity to join for two years (2017 and 2018) for the price of one.

Learn more about this important action step for you.