Last month the Children’s Bureau provided guidance allowing states to use Title IV-E Administrative funding for the costs of evaluation of the new Family First Act prevention services. The Child Welfare Policy Manual in response to the question: May a title IV-E agency claim title IV-E administration for the costs of conducting a well-designed and rigorous evaluation of title IV-E prevention service under section 471(e)(5)(C)(i) of the Act?

“Yes. Conducting an evaluation under section 471(e)(5)(C)(i) of the Act is a requirement of the title IV-E prevention plan. Therefore, the costs of conducting that evaluation are allowable title IV-E administrative costs because it is necessary for the proper and efficient administration of the title IV-E prevention plan. Any such costs must be properly cost allocated to benefitting programs through an approved cost allocation plan.”

The question (8.6C.1 Allowable administrative and training costs) was posted on October 10, 2019.

The $500 million that would be provided under the Family First Transition Services Act (which will likely be introduced this week) would also be flexible enough for states to use this influx in two-year funding to supplement additional research costs states may have in implementing their Family First plans.