The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is now available to the families, offering up to $3,600 per child under 6 years old and $3,000 per child between 6 and 17 years old from the IRS. The credit is not a loan!

Since the American Rescue Plan increased the amount of the tax credit for children and expanded its eligibility, almost all families qualify. Even families who haven’t filed a tax return or don’t have recent income are eligible for the full Child Tax Credit, and anyone who has a child with a Social Security number can get it, even if they don’t have one themselves.

If you already filed taxes this year, just sit tight. Even if you did not explicitly claim the Child Tax Credit, you will soon start receiving your money in the form of paper checks or direct deposit. You can check on your payments and manage them through the IRS CTC Update Portal.

If you were not required to file taxes this year, you can use the IRS Non-Filer portal to get your tax credit and start receiving payments.

Payments from the Child Tax Credit started going out in July and will give families half of their credit through monthly payments in 2021. These families will receive the other half in 2022 after filing a tax return.

CWLA is committed to helping families access and get the Child Tax Credit to support them with the high cost of raising children. We encourage all families to visit to determine their eligibility and get the credit.

If you’re filing for the first time, or need help getting the credit, visit, call 211 or make an appointment with your local Taxpayer Assistance Center to learn more about how to get your money!