On Wednesday, CWLA members will begin to gather in Washington DC for the annual CWLA National Conference.  The Conference located within walking distance of the Capitol Hill dome will allow the approximately 500 registrants to make their voices heard right during the intense debates on health care, budgets and other controversies.

As part of the effort, CWLA has released its Legislative Agenda along with more detailed background information including: Protect the ACAProtect MedicaidSSBGChild Care, Child Welfare & Block Grants, Home Visiting, Immigration, and the Children’s Budget.

CWLA members will go to the Hill days after the President and Speaker stopped action on their ACA replacement bill. As the President and Congress settle on next steps, one of the CWLA prime messages will continue to be, in faith with our long-time support for universal health care, do not repeal the ACA without a replacement that continues to cover 21 million people who have health insurance through the ACA. CWLA calls on Congress to protect Medicaid both from block grants including complicated block grant formulas such as per capita caps.

For CWLA members and potential members people can participate through a Virtual Day of Action.  Join in making your voice heard.  CWLA has highlighted how the ACA has expanded access to substance abuse and mental health services.