CWLA joined over 300 other state and national organizations in calling on Congressional leadership to support the historic inclusion of the child care and pre-kindergarten expansions in the Build Back Better plan. The groups tell Congress:


“The historic investment and policies outlined in the framework would support the transformative work of building a strong, stable early childhood education system that is affordable and accessible to families in new and critical ways. These policies will:


  • Lower child care costs for more than 90 percent of families with young children
  • Guarantee high-quality child-care choices for parents by expanding the supply of safe, nurturing options particularly for infants and toddlers
  • Create and support millions of jobs, including for early educators and parents
  • Raise the wages of early educators – 95 percent of whom are women and disproportionately women of color – to at least a living wage, with wages comparable to elementary school educators for those with similar credentials
  • Provide universal pre-kindergarten for three- and four-year olds in diverse settings that meet families’ needs; and
  • Support children’s healthy development, ensuring that regardless of economic status, race, zip code, language, or ability all children have a strong foundation.”


The letter highlights the truly historic nature of the proposal if it makes it into law by pointing out that, “Fifty years after President Nixon’s veto of comprehensive child care reform, we are at the cusp of a turning point for a just and equitable child care and early learning system…It’s time to set families up for success and set up early care and education to be a valued and highly desired, long-term career path – our economic prosperity depends on it.”