CWLA is pleased to share with you a video diary special in collaboration with CBS News on COVID-19’s impact to the child welfare and human services field. The video diary highlighted the significant role that child welfare workers play. Please take the time to view this nine-minute video diary of some of the dedicated child welfare workers providing vital services to children and families across the country.  After you have watched this, we hope you will share it with your colleagues and networks.

When CBS reached out to CWLA for story ideas, we knew the focus must be on child welfare workers who have done so much, just like all the other front line workers. We connected them with CWLA members who helped make the case for the importance of focusing on all the tireless and heroic efforts of our child welfare workforce. The CBS team collected dozens of video stories from our “front line heroes” across the country. We are very proud of the work that all of you do and the compelling story that was produced.

Also, we have created an action alert for you to share the five-minute version of this video diary with your Members of Congress.  It is vital that Congress see what these essential workers are doing every day. To take action, click here.

Thank you for being on the front lines and remember to put your mask on first. Stay well!