A report in the Capitol Hill newspaper the Hill, describing dramatic cuts within domestic spending programs this year spread throughout the human services community last Thursday.  The article, Trump Team Prepares Dramatic Cuts  describes meetings between the transition team and career staff to seek significant cuts during the current fiscal year, FY 2017.  It is said that the cuts will be shaped by proposals included in the Heritage Foundation budget recommendation, A Blueprint for Balance: A Federal Budget for 2017 that outlines more than $10 trillion in budget cuts over the next ten years.  Among other things it calls for the elimination of Head Start.  Many of the Heritage Foundation recommendations are combined with a proposal by the conservative House Republican Study Group that has also released its proposal for 2017, Blueprint for a Balance Budget 2.0.In this document House members include converting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for children into a state block grant.  They also offer an idea to combine several programs including SNAP, TANF, SSBG and some housing programs into a single grant. Current funding for FY 2017 runs out on April 28 but that CR would not prohibit earlier action if Congress and the Administration so chooses.