The Census happens once every 10 years. It’s the only official population count of every person in the U.S. The Census counts people at each address—even if those people aren’t related, if they are not U.S. citizens, if they live there part time, or are only living there temporarily but have no permanent address. The Census doesn’t just count adults, it also counts children. This means all babies and children under the age of 5 at your address—even if they’re not related to the person who fills out the form.

Remember, when it comes to the Census, everyone counts. Count ALL kids living at your address. Don’t forget to include babies (born by April 1, 2020), nieces, nephews, grandchildren, foster children, and people not related to you (like a friend and his/her child). April 1 is Census Day. If a child is staying with you on this day and has no permanent home, make sure you count them.

Respond to the Census

      Responding to the Census is quick and convenient. It only takes 10 minutes, and you can respond from your home—online, by phone, or on paper. Look for a postcard in the mail with more instructions!

Your information is 100% confidential. It is illegal for the Census Bureau to share your information with anyone, even other government agencies or your landlord.

      The Census is for everyone living in the U.S. It will not ask you if you are a citizen.

      Only one person per address needs to respond to the Census. And that person should count everyone at their address on the form. Yes! Foster kids count, too.

For more information about the 2020 Census, visit or feel free to call 844-330-2020.