The House leadership may try to pass a budget resolution this week and were engaging the rank and file on the possibilities.  They are once again considering a side-bill that would cut $30 billion in mandatory funding including the elimination of the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG).

Despite these offerings it looks like they do not have enough House Republicans to go along.

If that remains the case, they would likely start to vote on a few appropriations bills on the House floor because they will be past the May 15 date which allows House leaders to move appropriation bills to floor debate without a resolution.

In the meantime, the Senate was moving on a defense reauthorization (something that happens each year with the passage of a Defense appropriations).  The Senate bill would spend less then what the House is planning.

The Senate has released its 302(b) allocations which divides total spending between the 12 subcommittees.  The House however, has simply moved one bill at a time without outlining what will be allowed for each subcommittee.  That strategy portends for a very bad outcome for Labor-HHS-Education spending. If the House Committee deals with Labor-HHS last, as is likely, any increased allocation would likely be used for the other 11 bills.