Anna Quindlen Awards for Excellence in Journalism on Behalf of Children and Families

2019 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winners

Jennifer Brown, The Colorado Sun (formerly The Denver Post) in recognition of her article series “Aged Out: Foster Care in Colorado” which helped raise awareness about the need for adult mentors to support youth in foster care.

The team from “The Hidden Cost” (John Carlos Frey, Solly Granatstein, and Marisa Venegas, with Efran Films and Weather Films), a joint effort of The Weather Channel Digital and Telemundo that explores the effects of climate change on children in the United States who are migrant farm workers.

2018 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Scott MacFarlane, NBC 4, Washington, DC and his investigative team for “Slipping Through the Cracks,” a multipart series on issues around teacher licensing loopholes and child sexual abuse allegations.

2016 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Chris Walker, Reporter, Westword, Denver, CO for his in-depth reporting on the challenges of being a part of the child welfare workforce. 

2015 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winners

Susan Ferriss, The Center for Public Integrity and Amy Isackson, KQED
“A Life-and-Death Struggle for Asylum in America,” a joint print and radio report exploring the morally difficult immigration challenge facing Americans.

2013 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winners

Broadcast: Sanda Htyte and Danielle MTK, Radio Rookies, WNYC Radio
“American Heaven” is an intimate look at teenager and rookie reporter, Danielle MTK’s story of her journey to find the American dream but finding hardships instead.

Print: Christy Gutowski and Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune
The “Children at Risk” Series, an investigative report of a state’s child welfare system in response to a series of child deaths.

2012 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Vivian Nereim
Online/Print Reporter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Three-part series “A Long Road to a Safe Place” about the injury risks of children in state-licensed residential programs.

2011 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winners

Print: Marjie Lundstrom
Senior Writer/Projects & Investigations, The Sacramento Bee
Covered the unsolved murder of a 4-year-old foster child, exposing errors by police and social workers that reignited the search for the little girl’s killer.

Broadcast: Noelle Conti
Producer, KPCC’s Patt Morrison Show
Developed a series of segments and interactive web site that provided an in-depth look at issues facing youth in foster care.

2010 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Daniel Heimpel
LA Weekly, Los Angeles, California
For freelance stories about what he’s seen and experienced as a volunteer helping foster youth including, “Left to Themselves,” about a young man who found no solutions from the foster system that raised him from the age of 18 months until 18 years.

2009 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Lane DeGregory
St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg, Florida
For ongoing, in-depth coverage of at-risk children including poignant articles like “The Girl in the Window,” about a feral child that neighbors had only glimpsed before authorities removed her from the home.

2008 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winners

Broadcast: Kevin Doran
WROC-TV8, CBS, Rochester, New York 

Collaborated with the Adoption Resource Network at Hillside Children’s Center to produce a series of news segments and a one-hour documentary on adoption.

2007 CWLA Anna Quindlen Award Winner

Sharon Coolidge
The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio
Special report on “Lead’s Dangerous Legacy,” which focused on lead poisoning in children.