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Listen to a Young Man Describe His 20 Years in Foster Care!  

On Wednesday, January 11, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered—Youth Radio, broadcast a story about a young man who entered foster care at the age of one and who recently aged out of care at the age of 21. Noel Anaya spent nearly all of his life in the California foster care system and tells

Child Welfare Workforce Center Taking Shape

The Quality Improvement Center for Workforce Development (QIC-WD) is starting to ramp-up operations.  The five-year project is intended to build research and best practices when it comes to the child welfare workforce.  A consistent challenge for child welfare systems nationwide is a lack of adequately trained and staffed workforce.  Lack of workforce and workforce development

What is in the IV-B Reauthorizations

The two Title IV-B programs along with the adoption and kinship incentive fund expire on October 1, 2016 and so they need to be reauthorized either through the Families First Act or or another measure which could include a short term extensions included any CR.  A CR however may just extend the program for a

CWLA and NASW Join Together on Workforce Briefing

On Tuesday, June 28 the Child Welfare League America and the National Association of Social Workers cosponsored a briefing on the child welfare workforce.  The briefing entitled, Let's Improve Child Welfare Outcomes: The Workforce Matters, provided background on what it takes to perform some of the critical work within the child welfare field. Panelists included

The Child Welfare Workforce

During the Capitol Hill Day, while CWLA members handed out Hot Topics on key policy issues, members could also break to attend a briefing that focused on the significance of the child welfare workforce. CWLA was focusing Capitol Hill attention on the significance of the workforce in advancing the many outcomes within child welfare and

CWLA To Shine Bright Light On Child Welfare Workforce

On Tuesday, April 19, as part of the CWLA National Advocacy Summit, Washington DC: Investing in What It Takes: A Full Continuum of Care  CWLA will provide a special focus on the significance of the child welfare workforce and its role in assisting vulnerable families. CWLA will sponsor a Capitol Hill briefing on Tuesday, April

New Budget Recognizes Child Welfare Workforce and Other Priorities

President Obama released his final budget for fiscal year 2017 last Tuesday. While the politics of this year and the President’s lame-duck status makes this a difficult budget to adopt there are some key proposals that can build on a vision for reforms and changes for child welfare.  It also offers the potential for some

The Child Welfare Workforce Proposal

The Administration included in the budget a new strategy to expand and strengthen the child welfare workforce. The budget request would amend Title IV-E foster care and adoption assistance law to expand state access to current training funds. Currently states can receive a 75 percent match on state dollars spent on worker training. This funding,

Budget Due On Tuesday

President Obama will release his final budget on Tuesday for the Fiscal Year 2017. The budget year begins on October 1.  The overall spending caps for domestic and defense spending have been set as part of last year’s budget deal but that does not mean that the Administration and their Congressional counterparts won’t try and