FY 2016 Funding Provided Through December11, Debt Ceiling Next Up

Congress approved a continuing resolution (CR/ H.R. 719) last week with relative ease and now they need to raise the debt ceiling by November 5. On Wednesday the Senate approved a short term CR by a vote of 78 to 20, later in the afternoon the House followed with a vote of 277 to 151. All no votes in […]

What Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill Look Like Under Caps

In June the House and Senate Appropriations Committees passed FY 2016 bills under the current spending caps.

The House bill avoided some of the controversial cuts of the recent past but not all. It de-funds programs to carry out the Affordable Care Act and eliminates funding for Title X family planning, eliminates some 20 Department of Education programs and reduces […]

House Works on Reconciliation Legislation

Last week the House Ways and Means committee began the process of creating a reconciliation bill. The reconciliation measure was authorized or permitted as a result of the last budget resolution. The legislation being crafted in the House will attempt to repeal key parts of the Affordable Care Act.   They cannot repeal all of the ACA because that would […]

Congress Attempts CR This Week, Boehner Surprise Alters Outcome

With limited action last week beyond the Pope’s visit to Washington and Congress, the status of a government shutdown looked less clear until Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) surprise announcement that he will be leaving both his position and Congress at the end of October. Signals coming from the House are that the more conservative elements in the House Republican […]

Budget Showdown Continues

With the government nine days away from running out of funding, by week’s end the only clarity in Congress was a lack of clarity.  Congress will end legislative action this week after Tuesday with time off for Yom Kippur on Wednesday and a suspension of legislative action for the Pope’s speech and visit.  Here is what we do know:

Majority […]

Appropriations Strategy Unclear With 7 Legislative Days Left

Congress has approximately 7 legislative session days left before we reach the end of the fiscal year on September 30. It is not clear when and how the two houses will move on a continuing resolution (CR).

Congress will have no legislative days during the Jewish holidays and the Pope’s visit and speech to Congress and that means there are […]

Congress Back With September Challenges

Congress returns for the last month of the fiscal year with some key challenges before them and only a handful of days to act. In addition to immediate September needs, Congress will also have to deal with some additional must-pass legislation before the end of 2015. In this category, Congress must grapple with an expiring transportation fund (now on […]

Commissioner Chang Leaving As Head of Children’s Bureau

On August 7, Associate Commission Joo Yeung Chang, announced her departure from her position as head of the Children’s Bureau. She will be leaving on September 3. President Obama appointed Commissioner Chang to head the Children’s Bureau in September 2013 and she is the only person to hold that position in the Obama Administration.

The Children’s Bureau position and the […]

HHS Proposes Changes to SACWIS-Child Welfare Information Systems

On August 11, HHS issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on state child welfare information systems. Under the NPRM, HHS proposes to revise the regulations for the Statewide and Tribal Automated Child Welfare Information System—sometimes referred to as SACWIS. SACWIS, extended in 2012 to cover tribes, is the information system and technology that states use to collect […]

Rafael Lopez New Head of Administration on Children, Youth and Families

Just before the Senate departed for their summer break they gave approval to Rafael J. Lopez as the new Commissioner for the Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF).  Lopez was confirmed on August 5th, after having been formally nominated by President Obama in January 2015. Lopez will fill a position that has been vacant since Bryan Samuels left […]