manuscript submission
manuscript submission
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Please DO NOT RESUBMIT manuscripts if you have already received a manuscript identification number. Resubmitting creates a duplicate record with a new identification number and results in considerable delays in processing and reviewing your manuscript.

Please DO NOT send in hard copies of your manuscript unless specifically requested to do so by the editors. You will be able to upload your manuscript electronically during the submission process.

Publication policies: Material submitted should extend knowledge in any child/family welfare or related service; on any aspect of administration, supervision, casework, group work, community organization, teaching, research, or interpretation; on any facet of interdisciplinary approaches to the field; or on issues of social policy that bear on the welfare of children and their families.

Articles should be 3,500 to 5,000 words in length, including abstract, tables, and references. An abstract of approximately 75 words should preface the article. All references should be documented according to APA style (6th ed.).

It typically takes up to six months from time of submission to receive a decision as to whether your article will be published. Please only send inquiries to after a period of six months.

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