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Children 2003: Imagine an America -- Call for Presentations

9/11/2002:   Imagine an America …where every child is healthy, safe, and thriving, and where all children develop to their potential.

Imagine an America …where all children are nurtured, getting what they need, as they require.

Imagine an America …where all children grow into adults who are able to make positive contributions to family, community, and the nation.

CWLA's 2003 National Conference, Children 2003: Imagine an America, is not only an opportunity for you to obtain the policy, practice, and program information you need to create a better future for children, but to share your knowledge and success with your colleagues and to build collaborative relationships.

CWLA and its member agencies are committed to meeting the five universal needs of children and youth. By building strategies for community action that are strongly grounded in research and in practice wisdom, parents, caregivers, neighbors, professionals, and elected officials can work to:
  • Fulfill basic needs
  • Ensure nurturing relationships
  • Promote optimal development
  • Protect from harm
  • Ease the impact of harm

for every child and youth in their community.

Request for Proposals

Proposals are requested for workshops that describe successful strategies to meet the five universal needs of children through policy, practice, and advocacy. We are particularly interested in submissions that increase competence and capacity; promote multisystem and community-based collaboration; respect and value diversity; nurture leaders; enhance evidence-based practices and decisionmaking; create parent, youth, and community partnerships; and demonstrate innovative approaches.

Proposals should be geared to an audience that includes direct service practitioners, foster parents, child care workers, supervisors, program managers, administrators, CEOs, policymakers, judges and other court personnel, juvenile justice professionals, educators, mental health care practitioners, legislators, researchers, evaluators, service consumers, and advocates. Proposals may only be submitted online and must be received by noon eastern time on September 20, 2002. For a list of relevant program areas and to submit your proposal online, go to: www.cwla.org/conferences/2003nationalrfpsubmission.htm.

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