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Covering Kids Back-to-School 2002

6/7/2002:   A majority of the more than 8 million uninsured children in the United States are eligible for Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) but are not enrolled. Most come from homes where at least one parent works full-time. Many Americans are not aware of public and private sector health coverage programs available for children in working families. In fact, a 2000 Covering Kids national survey found that six out of 10 parents whose uninsured children qualify for Medicaid or SCHIP did not believe those free or low-cost public coverage programs applied to them.

To address the compelling need to reduce the number of uninsured children, in 1997 The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (www.rwjf.org) established "Covering Kids: A National Health Access Initiative for Low-Income, Uninsured Children" (www.coveringkids.org) to help states and local communities increase the number of eligible children who benefit from health insurance coverage programs.

Covering Kids recently announced the kick-off its third annual Back-To-School outreach and enrollment drive. This national effort helps spread the word about low-cost and free health care coverage programs that are available for eligible, uninsured kids. Covering Kids invites your organization or community to get involved in Back-To-School 2002. Visit www.coveringkids.org/communications/bts/ for a complete list of materials you will need to get started, including:
  • A week-to-week guide for planning and publicizing your back-to-school activities
  • Helpful ideas to generate media interest in your events
  • Order posters, bookmarks, and stickers featuring colorful photos and research-based messages
  • A series of tele-conferences to guide you along the way
  • A contact list of a Covering Kids staff member in your area

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