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What's it Worth To You?

1/7/2002:   Your checkbook is out and you are ready to donate some of that holiday bonus to a worthwhile charity. But which one? Did you know the IRS recognizes over 819,000 charities? And how do you know the money you give to a charity actually goes to the people or cause the charity claims to help? The answer is, without some significant research, you don't.

For their special December/January 2002 issue "America's 100 Best Charities" the editors and writers of Worth Magazine (www.worth.com) have done the homework for you. This special issue reported results of an extensive six-month investigation into what charities actually do, how they spend contributions, and whether or not they are making a real impact. The magazine concentrated its examination of nonprofit organizations in five areas they felt were critical to America and the world: health, human services, education, relief and development, and the environment, to come up with what they consider the 100 Best Charities. The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) has been chosen as one of those 100 Best Charities in this special issue.

"We are extremely pleased to be recognized as one of Worth Magazine’s Best Charities," said Shay Bilchik, CWLA’s President and CEO. "I believe Worth is right to be concerned about the effect the events of September 11 might have on charitable giving. This list of charities will help the public recognize worthwhile causes for their tax-deductible contributions."

Worth reviewed tax returns, annual reports, and financial statements, then conducted interviews with heads of nonprofit organizations to see how charities like CWLA were putting donations to work efficiently. The criteria for consideration by the magazine required that the charity be national, secular, nonpolitical, and well established. The magazine’s findings indicated what dollar amounts the charity directs to programs, fundraising, administration and future reserves out of every $100 donated.

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