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CWLA Announces New Parenting Books and Online Tips for Positive Parenting

10/15/2001:   The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is pleased to announce two new books for parents and professionals working with children and families.

Respectful Parenting: Birth Through the Terrific Twos, by Joanne Baum, Ph.D., was developed over 20 years of family therapy practice as the author watched this child-centered approach to parenting result in more contented babies, calmer toddlers, happier and more fulfilled parents, and better relationships among all parties. Topics include nursing, spoiling, learning styles, tantrums, discipline, and dealing with life changes. There are also practical parenting tips, and lots of anecdotes from parents. This handy paperback is easy-to-read and is intended to be used as a resource, especially for those who want to change the parenting patterns they experienced as children. Marianne Neifert, M.D., and author of Dr. Mom says that by reading this book, "adults soon discover they can pass on a healthier legacy to their children at the same time they heal their own personal histories."

Another aspect of the parent–child relationship is told in The Busy Mom, a picture book for children ages 3-10. In a story written for her own child at the end of a very busy day, author Sharon Yates captures an emotional bedtime moment as she realizes what a unique child she has, how much she loves him, and the richness he brings to her life, in spite of all the "hassles." Children and adults of all ages will appreciate this story and the poignant, colorful illustrations by Joan C. Waites. If you’re a parent (or grandparent) whose work or other "busyness" interferes with time spent with your children, make the time now to read this or another book to a child!

To order these books, to check on other CWLA publications on parenting and child development, or to see other children’s books and gift items, go to www.cwla.org/pubs.

For free, online information and tips on parenting, child development, and being a friend of children and youth, go to www.cwla.org/positiveparenting. Explore the free Positive Parenting education curriculum for families with young children, child care providers, and Head Start programs.

The Positive Parenting topics and tips available at this website include:
  • Play: A Child’s Work
  • Discipline Techniques
  • Communicating with Your Teenager
  • Humor and Perspectives: Things Parents Would Probably Never Say
  • Tips for Community Action

Links are also provided to websites of other national parenting organizations.

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