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Support A Stamp That Will Help Prevent Child Abuse - Act Now!

8/24/2001:   Immediate action—before August 30—is needed to support selection of a "semipostal stamp" (sold at more than face value) that would provide funds for research to prevent child abuse.
Until that date, the USPS Semipostal Committee is accepting proposals for its next fundraising stamp, similar to the very successful Breast Cancer Stamp. That stamp, first issued on July 29, 1998, sold for 40 cents (34 cent value) and helped to raise both awareness and more than $21 million for research toward a cure.

The National Call to Action (NCTA) coalition is initiating and coordinating the campaign to select prevention of child abuse as the topic for the next stamp. The Child Welfare League of America is one of the more than two dozen organizations participating in NCTA (see http://www.nationalcalltoaction.com) and is sending a letter of support for the initiative.

For more information on the campaign—and to send a free e-mail letter to the Postmaster General to urge selection of a semipostal stamp to Stamp Out Child Abuse—go to the Stop Family Violence website at http://www.stopfamilyviolence.org/sfvo/stamp.html.

Proceeds from a Child Abuse Prevention stamp would provide significant funding for dedicated research through the Division of Violence Prevention of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The pennies (and accumulating dollars) from the sale of stamps could ultimately help to save our most precious resource—children.

Widespread use of the stamps would also enhance public awareness of this hidden epidemic that has estimated economic costs of $94 billion per year and inestimable costs in lost human potential—not only pain and suffering but greater risk for school failure, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and adult criminality.

Child abuse and neglect are at epidemic levels in the United States. Confirmed cases of abuse or neglect (more than 1 million cases a year) represent a victimization rate of 15 per 1,000 children, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

According to the recent figures from the National Center on Child Abuse Prevention Research, every day nearly 4 children die and 3,000 more become victims of severe abuse or neglect; 40% of these children are under 1 year old, and 80% are under age 5.

The Child Welfare League of America believes that current efforts to prevent any instances of child abuse and neglect must be improved. Strengthening research so that we know more about child abuse and neglect is an essential aspect of this strategy to promote the well-being of children. For more data on child abuse and neglect, and other topics, go to the CWLA website, http://www.cwla.org/ndas.htm.

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